Welcome to CORA-X
make hacking irrelevant

Quantum-Safe today with Probabilistic encryption rather than factorization based!

  • Multiple Use Pads (MUP) - CORA-X uses a minimum of 125 kB MUP (1,000,000+ bit encryption).
    Read excerpts from our White Paper on LinkedIn, or obtain a complete copy of our White paper by email.
  • Dispersed Files - if your "keys" are left in the house, and a hacker breaks in, you are at risk. CORAcsi's dispersed files protect you against this "one device" risk.
  • CORA blocs (not to be confused with "Blocks") - our distributed methodology is similar to Block chains, except that ours is a centralized control structure. If a single CORA bloc is compromised, then deleting any other bloc renders the stollen bloc(s) permanently useless to the thief.
  • Trust Independent – don't trust any "one" computer, company, network or server. CORA blocs may be distributed according to your best practices.

CORA-X lite Get your free copy at the Microsoft Store today!

CORA-X lite empowers individuals, teams and organizations to protect their data so that they are safe from quantum computers and hackers alike.

  • More than 1,000,000 bit MUPs (encryption).
  • Varying key sizes - probabilistic encryption doesn't rely on any single 'knowable' parameter. Think about it, even 2048 bit encryption has a 'known' size.
  • Dispersed files - keep your 1 million - 2 million bit key in separate locations.
  • Benefit from the ability to use multiple Profiles (Encryption keys and Actionable lists).
  • Quickly and securely switch between your personal Profile and one or more work Profiles.