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  1. CORAcsi is committed to providing proper security for our Global Community.
  2. Information has never been more powerful, relevant and necessary to the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals, businesses, organization and communities.
  3. Our data has never been violated as much as in recent years.
  4. CORAcsi has the 'probabilistic cryptography'; technology to protect our information from hackers and from the eventual onslaught of Quantum Computers

CORA-X is a beginning; however, it is not the entire journey. CORAcsi invites you to:

Engage - take care of your sensitive data. Use CORA-X lite, freely, and spread the word.

If your offices, business or organization needs a more involved implmementation, CORAcsi is available.

The CORA API is available for licensing, and if needed, CORAcsi is available to help your Enterprise implement the CORA API.

Contact CORAcsi for a quote.

  1. If
    • you believe in the right to protect one's data
    • you are using CORA-X lite
    • you are interested in improving CORA-X
    then consider making a donation through Paypal.
  2. Spread the word to friends, colleagues and the media.
  3. Your support is appreciated and makes a difference.
Connect - join with CORAcsi in the many opportunities that this ground-breaking probabilistic encryption represents:
  1. Investors - CORAcsi is open to the right kind of investors; those how value innovation and have integrity. Help us to move confidently in the direction of our dreams - a future with security, respect, privacy and responsible freedoms.
  2. Industry partners:
    • Hardware vendors - CORA is fast as a software solution; it would be blazing in a hardware implementation.
    • Finance and Banking - imagine the scenerio in which your data is 'more secure' by sending 1 or 2 CORA blocs to the Cloud while keeping the main majority of them in your data centre. CORA may be implemented as a self-healing and trust independant solution.
    • IoT, IoE, and smart cities - CORA makes hacking irrelevant.
    • Autonomous and connected vehicles - eliminate even the remotest possibility of a vehicle (or fleet) being compromised.
    • Anti-virus developes - if a single CORA bloc is changed the original data will not be produced; hence ransomware cannot propogate through an infected CORA bloc.
    • Password managers - how does quantum safe sound? Encryption like this world has never seen.
    • Backup and synchronization software producers - add the security that CORA has to offer - fast and unbreakable (when properly implemented).
    • Cryptocurrency - while CORA Gold is CORAcsi's cryptocurrency, we believe that everyone should benefit from safety and security.
    • VARs
    • Cloud vendors and developers.
    • Government agencies - eliminate the possibility that an individual downloads readable files while protecting your digital assets.
    • Robotics and Manufacturing.
    • Utility companies.
    • Web, mobile and software developers.
    • Academia - while CORA is currently a trade secret, CORAcsi intends to make CORA Open Source when the time is right.
  3. Fellow innovators - protect you vision and passion. Regardless of your direction, information is the new 'gold rush' and needs to be properly protected.