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Quantum-Safe today

  • Multiple Use Pads (MUP) - CORA-X uses a minimum of 150 kB MUP (better than 1,200,000-bit encryption).
    Read excerpts from our White Paper on LinkedIn, or obtain a complete copy of our White paper by email.
  • Dispersed Files - if your "keys" are left in the house, and a hacker breaks in, you are at risk. CORAcsi's dispersed files protect you against this "one device" risk.
  • CORA blocs (not to be confused with "Blocks") - our distributed methodology is similar to Block chains, except that ours is a centralized control structure. If a single CORA bloc is compromised, then deleting any other bloc renders the stollen bloc(s) permanently useless to the thief.
  • Trust Independent – don't trust any "one" computer, company, network or server. CORA blocs may be distributed according to your best practices.

Where can I get CORA-X?

CORA-X is available for a free, 60 day trial at CloudCORA.com.

Do you have Enterprise level solutions?


CORA-X uses the CORA API to handle the security. All of these features are avaiable through the CORA API.

Better yet, for Enterprise level solutions, these is the opportunity to implement CORA as a Self Healing security platform. If a single CORA bloc is compromised, or you fear it might be, then delete any single CORA bloc and generate a new solution. This is particularly convenient for websites and cloud based solutions.

If a hacker breaches your server, you may confidently announce to the global community that the breach resulted in "zero" readable files, passwords or client records being "read". Now that makes for a great Public Relations announcement.
Better yet, a properly constructed self-healing implementation should have your registered users, employees or clients up an running, securely, minutes after a breach occurs.

Let's rethink... and redefine... encryption:

  • Encryption doesn't use Multiple Use Pads (MUP).
  • Have you heard of any current form of encryption that exceeds 2 kB (16,000-bit encryption)?
  • Encryption uses "Blocks" to expand beyond the limits of their finite key. While mathematically brilliant, they are statistically limited compared to MUP, and prone to side channel attacks.
  • Encryption doesn't inherently use a distributed methodology. Exception: Block chains, however, Blockchains are a decentralized peer-to-peer implementation. This is ideal for an autonomous currency, however, as a security solution that can be individually and permanently shut down, it pales in comparison to CORA.


verb |kohr-uh-fahy

  1. to lock data using CORA Cyber Security's technology.
  2. to secure The Cloud with CORA's Unbreakable data security.
  3. to protect autonoumous resources (the Internet of Things) using CORA as the step beyond encryption.
  4. to provide unbreakable data security without relying on, or trusting, any one company, network, computer or server.

Full Definition of CORA

  1. CORA is an acronym that stands for Context Ordered Replacment Algorithm.
  2. CORA Cyber Security Inc. developed CORA to break apart data into multiple fragments (files) that can be distributed to different storage locations. All files are needed to recombine the original data into a "readable state". A single file cannot reproduce any part of the original "readable data".
  3. CORA Cyber Security Inc. developed MUPs to be re-usable and practical implementations of the famous One Time Pads, which were identified by Claude Shannon as "perfect secrecy".
  4. CORA is a step beyond encryption that is similar to Block chains except that is relies on a centralized control methodology that allows a compromised solution to be shut down while another is being generated (self-healing).


lock, secure, protect, guard, defend, shelter, shield, fortify


Nestah was asked to CORAfy the schools photo album.

The police chief directed all officers to CORAfy their laptops.

Juniper saved the day by CORAfying her company's website the day before it was hacked.

The IT department CORAfied the hospital's records.


"Hillary, make sure you 'corafy' the door before you leave."

Justin forgot to 'corafy' the window.

"'Corafy' that purse and don't leave it in the buggy."

Mike used sun block to 'corafy' his bald head.