CORA for the Enterprise

CORA Cyber Security Inc. brings you quantum safe cryptography using a minimum of 150 kB Multiple Use Pad (MUP), resulting in data security that is quantum-safe today and tomorrow.


CORA-X uses the CORA API to handle the security. All of these features are available through the CORA API.

Better yet, for Enterprise level solutions, these is the opportunity to implement CORA as a Self Healing security platform. If a single CORA bloc is compromised, or you fear it might be, then delete any single CORA bloc and generate a new solution. This is particularly convenient for websites and cloud based solutions.


If a hacker breaches your server, you may confidently announce to the global community that the breach resulted in "zero" readable files, passwords or client records being "read".

Now that makes for a great Public Relations announcement.

Better yet, a properly constructed self-healing implementation should have your registered users, employees or clients up an running, securely, minutes after a breach occurs.